about us

Our History

Great cornerstone int'l science college is a co-educational private school established in the year 1999 with the aim of providing qualitative education and motive, build confidence and create opportunities that lead to the attainment of superior human qualities and enduring virtues in students.

The founder is Dr.(Mrs.) C.A Onobumhe, an educator of repute who blends care with love. She and the General Coordinator, Hon. Austine Duyi are seasoned educationists whose experiences as school administrators span several years skillfully assisted by seasoned technocrats and academia. Our philosophy is to produce well educated, well-adjusted and disciplined young people who will be guided to face adult life with confidence and who will play constructive roles in the adult community as good citizens of their country and the world at large.

Our Mission

The mission of GCISC is to create and maintain a learning environment that fosters in students the ability to make choices based upon well-reasoned strategies; to develop the capacity to respond and adapt to changing circumstances and worldly environments; to gain an appreciation for learning as a lifelong process and to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for a diverse, ever changing world.

School Anthem

Great cornerstone school of my choice

Bedrock of learning and excellence

Bedrock of wisdom and knowledge

Founded September 1999

Great cornerstone the school of humility

Great cornerstone the school of unity

Great cornerstone the school of dignity great cornerstone is my choice

School Pledge

I promise to be a good child

To love all my neighbors

To read my book and pass my exams always

To keep a good company and also the good name

Of my family and my school

So help me god.


GCISC Class Category

GCISC Creche

Our Creche facility is suitable for catering for infants with qualified care-giving staff. And this makes us stand out...

GCISC Pre-Primary

Through careful planning and observation we support and extend children in every area of the development and provide an environment which fosters independence, autonomy and positive self-esteem.

GCISC Primary

The better qualities are supported by the physical environment and by the whole learning and teaching ethics held within the school, expressed by all the staff through their attitudes to the children and their learning.

GCISC Junior Secondary

GCISC is a co-educational school aimed at creating well equipped learners able to expressed themselves and showcase their talents in any environment.

GCISC Senior Secondary

Our broad base curriculum is designed to allow all students to study for WAEC, NECO and international (GSCE) qualifications which equip them with not just immediate needs but the skills that will make them life-long learners and creative individuals.