Extracurricular Activities

Below are lists and activities of the social clubs available in the school.

Press Club

The Press Club updates both the staff and students of the events and occurrences within and outside the country i.e locally and internationally. They are alsp in charge of dissemination of information in the school, publication of bulletin, production of the school year book. They also conduct some activities in the school like interviews among special guests during the Press Day.

Jets Club

The aim of the Jets club is to develop craftiness in the students on how to use the knowledge of science and technology to construct useful projects.

Music club

The primary aim is to harness an train the students who are talented in singing and instruments utilization such as trumpet, guitar, viollin, sax, drum set, piano etc. The school has a music studio to help in the process.

Literary & Debate club

To develop the literary and artistic skills of the students as well as their mental alertness.


To inculcate the spirit of social inclination and entertaining through Dramatic act and performance into the lives of the students.