Great Cornerstone Int'l Science Schools offers full boarding system to students. GCISC is blessed with numerous facilities that will really enhance the academic performance of each student residing in the hostel either in internal or external competitions. Great Cornerstone Int'l Science Schools provides a home for students from all over Nigeria and outside the country. We are pace setter in the aspect of boarding system, and our hostel environment is second home for our learners believing it to be an important contributor in the creation of academic and social excellence.

The boarding houses are designed to provide a welcoming home for our students and all hostels offer excellent facilities for comfortable living as well as providing a suitable environment for a balanced pursuit of study and recreation. Students' academic work is supervised, and many activities are arranged during weekends and evenings to keep students busy.


At Great Cornerstone Int'l Science Schools we aim to ensure that students are truly benefiting from the boarding experience. Parents can assist us by discussing with their children what it means to be a boarder prior to their arrival at school.


The boarders live in one of the two boarding houses, male in the male hostel and female in the female hostel. Each is run by at least 5 resident Housemaster or Housemistress, a Resident Deputy, and a Matron, which all reside in the hostel. Also, few members of staff live in the hostel, ensuring condusive and atmpspheric condition within the hostel for growing and developing our lovely teenagers. This team is at the heart of the 'family feel' that exists in each house, with staff knowing the students well, ensuring they are there to give plenty of support and guidance, as well as being in regular contact with the parents.

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