Great Cornerstone Int'l Science Schools offers full boarding to students. This makes for an interesting student body where friendships can be forged with classmates from a variety of places. Great Cornerstone Int'l Science Schools provides a home for students from all over Nigeria and from elsewhere. We are strong advocates of boarding, believing it to be an important contributor in the creation of academic and social excellence.

The boarding houses are designed to provide a welcoming home for our students and all hostels offer excellent facilities for comfortable living as well as providing a suitable environment for a balanced pursuit of study and recreation. Students' academic work is supervised, and many activities are arranged during weekends and evenings to keep students busy.

In most cases boarding school life will be a rich and rewarding experience for our students. Many parents who have experienced these themselves recognize the value of boarding, and opt to send their children to boarding school. Self-discipline and respect for others are two important attributes which close living and learning develop. Students often form relationships which will remain with them for the rest of their lives. It is an important objective at Great Cornerstone Int'l Science Schools to provide all the security and freedom required for each individual to develop to his or her own natural limits. The resources of the school are available to the students outside school hours, and there are opportunities for a wide range of activities.

At Great Cornerstone Int'l Science Schools we aim to ensure that students are truly benefiting from the boarding experience. Parents can assist us by discussing with their children what it means to be a boarder prior to their arrival at school.

Boarders stay at school during the week and at weekends, but are allowed to spend the weekend home or with friends twice per term, and half term breaks when all students are required to go on leave.

All of the boarders live in one of the two boarding houses. Each is run by a resident Housemaster or Housemistress, a Resident Deputy, and a Matron, all of whom live in. This team is at the heart of the 'family feel' that exists in each house, with staff knowing the students well, ensuring they are there to give plenty of support and guidance, as well as being in regular contact with the parents. The houses themselves are comfortable and homely, geared to provide the right atmosphere and facilities to meet the needs of growing and developing teenagers.


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EACH BOARDER IS EXPECTED TO BRING ALONG THE ITEMS STATED BELOW NOTE: Any students defaulting or lacking one item or the other will not be admitted into the hostel.


  1. School uniform (at least 2 sets)
  2. House wears (compulsory) at least 3 packs
  3. Black suit with packet shirt (pink colour) for both boys and ( tops for girls available in school )
  4. Brown canvas shoe for sports (multicoloured are not allowed)
  5. School socks compulsory (2 pairs)
  6. 1 blanket and 1 pyjamas
  7. Bed sheet (1 white and two check bed sheets)
  8. 1 plastic bucket
  9. 1 plastic bowl for washing
  10. 1 plastic keg for storing drinking water
  11. 1 mattress (compulsory) 6½ by 2½ ft with cover and Macintosh for bed wetters.
  12. 1 hoe, cutlass, and broom (one each).
  13. Under wears (compulsory) at least 5 pieces
  14. Provision e.g. tea, biscuits, cream, soap, etc.
  15. Cutlery like spoon, fork, and cup
  16. 12 clips for drying clothes
  17. 1 Laundry bag (compulsory)
  18. 1 pillow and umbrella
  19. Cardigan (school cardigan is available for sale in the school).
  20. A good rechargeable lamp without radio or cassette player and a torch light with batteries (kerosine lamp and candles are highly prohibited)
  21. 1 comb brush and thread for plaiting (for girls)
  22. 1 mosquito net (compulsory)
  23. 1 packet of cotton bud for cleaning ears and 1 nail cutter
  24. 1 higher education for the boarder’s report




  1. Neck chain, hair decorations
  2. Any form of lipsticks
  3. Glass cups and breakable plates
  4. Pressing iron (i.e. electric or charcoal)
  5. Electric cooker or hot plate or boiling ring or tape
  6. Chewing gum
  7. Handset



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