We are a purpose built nursery school. Our Creche facility is suitable for catering for infants and we have very qualified staff in this department. And this makes us stand out.At Cornerstone Nursery school we use the medium of play for children’s learning and our teaching. Through this we are able to implement the seven areas of learning in the Foundation Stage curriculum.

Through careful planning and observation we support and extend children in every area of their development and provide an environment which fosters independence, autonomy and positive self-esteem. This is supported by the physical environment and by the whole learning and teaching ethos held within the school, expressed by all the staff through their attitudes to the children and their learning.

Cornerstone nursery school identifies itself as playing a key role within the local community. We have always had an open door policy for families and a culture of responding to the needs of the community. This is one of the reasons we now have our Mulberry Room (day care). We recognise that parents play the key role in their child’s education and this is why we aim to work so closely with parents in whichever way is possible. We visit all the children at home before they begin at the nursery. We have very close links with our partner schools. We became a Children’s Centre in 1999 and offer a full range of family services, both in our Family Room and working in partnership with other providers.

Cornerstone Nursery School was given Beacon status in 2002, and has undertaken a variety of projects focusing on children’s creativity. We are now working with other practitioners as part of the Early Years Aspiration Network. We are very proud of our school and the key to its success is the work and commitment of all staff.

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