Junior Secondary
Code Of Conducts

As in every society, there exist rules and regulations that guide the behaviour of the students to become disciplined and responsible citizens in future. Violation of any of the rules attracts punishment of varying degrees.

General Conducts:

  • Every students must endeavour to be spiritually inclined in the area of hs or her religion.

  • Students should conduct themselves orderly, responsible and respectively in the college.

  • The only approved official language of the college is English. Students are expected to communicate with the staff and fellow students in English Language except in the Nigerian Language classes.

  • Pidgin English and vernacular speaking are highly prohibited.

  • The college daily routine must be strictly adhered to by all students.

  • Loitering: Standing or roaming about the corridors, administrative block, gate and any other places in the compound at any time of the day will not be tolerated.

  • Bullying, stealing and fighting: These are undesirable social behaviours. A student who engages in any of these may find himself/herself suspended or expelled from the school.

  • Students should be polite and obedient to all college staff and cooperate with the college prefects.

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